Support for business

Being a member of the SADC means...

  • Personalized support from professionals
  • Customized tools
  • Services adapted to your needs

As a member of the SADC, you benefit from access to the flexible financing, technical advice and support you need to help manage your business. Our personalized services ensure that you receive the follow-up and support you need. Every effort is made to ensure the success of your project.

HR support

The Baie-des-Chaleurs SADC offers personalized support to help you improve human resources management. Using the HR Tool Kit developed by the Ristigouche CBDC, your advisor will help you identify your needs and develop HR skills at your own pace to help you manage effectively and independently. The tools are flexible, so you can set your own training schedule!

Contact us to start your HR management support program!

For further information:

Vaness Ratté
[email protected]
418-392-5014 ext.  223

ICT support

Do you want to develop your social networks, promote your business on Facebook or showcase your products and services on the Internet? We can provide support for your company’s various communication requirements.

Our support could include the following:

  • An analysis of your social networks
    • Verifying your digital identity
    • Assessing your capabilities on the Internet
    • Evaluating your presence on the Internet
    • Analyzing opportunities/threats to your social networks
  • Personalized advice according to your needs and your situation
  • Brainstorming communication strategies to meet your goals
  • Information about the operation and use of Internet communication tools (Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, WordPress, Cyberimpact, etc.)

This service aims to support our members in their efforts to become self-sufficient. Our service is flexible, and adapts to your needs and requirements.

“The SADC's Facebook support enabled my company to be present and in direct contact with my community. New customers come to the soap factory and subscribe to my company’s Facebook page right away! For companies looking for visibility, it’s an asset!” emphasized Danielle Vallée, owner of the Savonnerie du Village.

For further information:

Vanessa Ratté
[email protected]
418 392-5014 ext. 223

Financial support

The SADC consults with you at every stage of your project:

  • Advice on starting up
  • Tips and tools to improve the financial management of your business
  • Support preparing financial forecasts
  • Assessing the financial health of your business
  • Research on additional financing

Do you have a special requirement? Contact us!

Equipment rental

The SADC rents equipment to meet the needs of its members. Here is the list of our equipment and services:

  • Flip charts
  • Conference calls
  • Projection screens
  • Projectors
  • Books and reference books
  • Room rental
  • Black and white and colour photocopy services

Equipment rental form

For more details and to reserve a book, please contact us.