Human Resources Workshop – Team Work : An Individual and Collective Accountability

March 18, 2020


The next SADC de Baie-des-Chaleurs’ Human Resources Workshop will be Wednesday, March 18, at the Salle de spectacles régionale Desjardins de New Richmond, under the theme “Team Work : An Individual and Collective Accountability”.

*Please note that all conferences are in French only.

Welcoming : 8:00
Opening conference : 8:30 

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“The Optimization of the Full Human Potential”
Dr Amir Georges Sabongui | PHD, Psychologist and Speaker

Drawing on more than a decade of scientific research and based on his experiences as Commander of the Royal Canadian Navy, Dr. Georges shows us that organizations that focus on the well-being of their employees and put employee fulfillment first can be up to 40% more effective. This is true regardless of the industry in which they operate! The innate leadership of each and every employee is a lever of influence to bring out the best in each member of our teams, encourage accountability and commitment at all levels and inspire employees to focus on their full potential to contribute to the shared success of the organization.



WORKSHOP 1 : “Civility Is a Must in the Workplace”
Manon Cléroux | CRHA, DOF Network

A recent survey conducted in Quebec places organizational climate and enjoyment among the top three most important factors at work. And
pleasure at work means behaviour that is free of incivility. This conference therefore deals with interpersonal skills and proposes tools to understand the concept of civility and to be co-responsible for living in a healthy and respectful work climate.




WORKSHOP 2 : Total Brain Communication
Kathryn Peterson | Groupe Conseil CLE, Speaker

Of course if you could hire people in positions where they excel, you would have put together the “perfect company” and run your company “to the fourth power!” Such a company potentially exists around you, and your people have the 4 complementary modes of perception that make it up. The challenge is to combine these energies. Groupe CLE offers to identify these energies, develop them, transform these differences into complementarities and help your employees to exceed their objectives by changing their behaviour.



WORKSHOP 3 : The Power of Credibility!
Manon Daigneault | CRHP, DOF Network


To succeed and stand out, skills, hard work and perseverance are no longer enough. Credibility, a phenomenon that is generally unknown, is also an indispensable component of success. Credibility does not
automatically come with experience, good practices, degrees or even hierarchical status. Whether it is individual or organizational, however, it is vital because it allows us to exercise inspiring leadership that can
inspire our colleagues and employees to surpass themselves and our clients to a lasting partnership.


“Change Is Permanent”
Sylvain Guimond | D.O., Ph.D, Speaker, Author and Trainer

In a world where everything changes rapidly, adapting becomes a major and constant challenge. The need to adapt is more than a rule, it is the law of nature.

Through this conference, we will see what makes us resistant to change and how we can implement strategies to be able to free ourselves from it. At the same time, we will also see how to take advantage of the creativity, commitment and collaboration of each team member in a transformation process, without leaving too much room for discouragement.


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  • SADC member: 75$ (Valid for 1 person, +25$ per additional person)
  • Non-SADC member: 125$ (Valid for 1 person)

No refund if canceled after March 6, 2020.

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