Human ressources workshop, 8th edition

22 mai 2018

The next SADC de Baie-des-Chaleurs’ Human Resources Workshop will be Thursday, March 15 at the Centre des congrès de la Gaspésie in Carleton-sur-Mer, under the theme “Generation Management: Conflicts or Opportunities? “.

*Please note that all conferences are in French only.

Tuesday May 22 2018 
Centre de congrès de la Gaspésie, Carleton-sur-Mer
8:30 to 16:30

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Generation cohabitation at work: Managing the differences
Josée Garçeau | Speaker and professor atUniversité de Sherbrooke

Josée Garceau

At work, different values, objectives, attitudes and ways of doing things can sometimes clash. How do the different generational characteristics of baby boomers, Gen Xers and Gen Yers impact on the day-to-day management of operations? How can you ensure that an optimal environment for all employees is created? This presentation will discuss the differing values and characteristics of people from different age demographics, their relationship to work, their long-term expectations and goals.

The topics addressed are:

  • The recruitment and retention of new Generation Y employees
  • How to ensure their effective integration into the team
  • Understanding the needs of different generational groups of employees to facilitate their cohabitation and the retention of employees of all ages

Being on the same page wheen everybody’s different
Marc-André Morel | Speaker

Marc-André Morel

In our exchanges with our group or with other stakeholders, in our day-to-day working relationships, we can all benefit by moving to the center and harmonizing individual performance with team effort.

This presentation will help you to:

  • Increase your sense of responsibility for the success of the team
  • Increase performance and results through better engagement and attitude
  • Harmonize communications through awareness of differences
  • Consolidate team cohesion through simple and genuine appreciation

This presentation will demonstrate the importance and power of better collaboration and communication, through engagement, accountability and recognition.


The recruitment challege
Stéphane Simard | Speaker

Stéphane Simard

Stéphane Simard

In a context where it is increasingly difficult to recruit and retain both skilled and unskilled labour, discover the three pillars of a strategy for quickly attracting more employees with the collaboration of your current employees.

On the program:

  • How to differentiate yourself from your competitors without spending a fortune
  • The WOW selection interview
  • Find the rare pearl in seven seconds thanks to the Internet
  • The seven neglected recruitment pools
  • How to submit an irresistible job offer

The conference will be humorous, concrete and interactive, with a focus on getting in action through taking simple measures and on the best practices of award-winning companies in human resources management.


From words to action or “talking the talk and walking the walk!”
Rémi Tremblay | Speaker

Rémi Tremblay

With a title like this, you can be sure that our speaker doesn’t beat around the bush when talking about the challenge of work teams. His rich experience in an organization of more than 11,000 employees has brought him the understanding that defining values is one thing, incorporating them into your organizational project is another. It is good and commendable to succeed at new challenges. But this sometimes leads to strategic choices that, while of short-term advantage, may in the long run lead the organization away from the values that make it unique and distinctive. So, how can we consistently know how to “walk the walk”? Come and find out!

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